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Golden Stick provides Private Old Age Homes in Delhi to senior citizen and a lavish lifestyle that give them hope of a new beginning. We have 24x7 dedicated staff that provides all the needed help when required. Our services are wide that keep the elderly people busy and they enjoy every moment here. As everyone loves to take care of the old-aged people but due to some reasons they are not able to and in such cases old age home is slowly getting popular among the public. The old age homes flats help the old-aged people to live around the nice living area and get proper care of them peacefully by settling them inside the Golden stick with many benefits and activities.

We are committed to serving our occupants in a special way of wellness, hospitality, and proper healthcare regime. Golden Stick is a top-rated Senior citizen Home in Delhi. We have years of experience in providing the best living space to the elderly where they feel safe and happy. We have a proper channel by which we appoint every single staff. We make sure that our staff is disciplined, adoring, kind, empathetic, and compassionate to the elderly. We are working towards one mission where we strive to provide unique but a clean home for elderly people.

Our mission is to provide the best services for your life better

The Golden Stick offers a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to aging elders through a plush, secure and rejuvenating environment. Every aspect of Golden Stick has been designed for the comfort of our residents so that they lead a happy and content life.

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