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Golden Stick provides Private Old Age Homes in Delhi to senior citizen and a lavish lifestyle that give them hope of a new beginning. We have 24x7 dedicated staff that provides all the needed help when required. Our services are wide that keep the elderly people busy and they enjoy every moment here. As everyone loves to take care of the old-aged people but due to some reasons they are not able to and in such cases old age home is slowly getting popular among the public. The old age homes flats help the old-aged people to live around the nice living area and get proper care of them peacefully by settling them inside the Golden stick with many benefits and activities.

We are committed to serving our occupants in a special way of wellness, hospitality, and proper healthcare regime. Golden Stick is a top-rated Senior citizen Home in Delhi. We have years of experience in providing the best living space to the elderly where they feel safe and happy. We have a proper channel by which we appoint every single staff. We make sure that our staff is disciplined, adoring, kind, empathetic, and compassionate to the elderly. We are working towards one mission where we strive to provide unique but a clean home for elderly people.

Complete security at Elderly Care Old Age Home in Delhi

Golden Stick is one of the most famous and loved elderly homes and to feel the like environment then contact us today. We are committed to providing you with an excellent Elderly Care Old Age Home in Delhi to make your stay memorable and find everything you need. Here you will get excellent amenities and facilities at a very affordable cost. You can book accommodation before you arrive at this place with a simple call. Before you start your journey with us make sure that you fulfill every requirement. Old age is not a disease and one can relive their life with the right support and medical aid.

Such Retirement Homes in Delhi provides peace to the mind of caregiver and even elderly parent that they are never alone. With trained staff and the best help device will alert all the emergency services and you will get immediate help. Our expert staff works 24*7*365 days, one can easily, and any time asks for help. An emergency can fall at any time and so we have dedicated people who provide help when it is needed without considering the time, place, or even event.

When it comes to Old age home Delhi then Golden stick provides the most secure and protective living space:

The word old age home could be terrifying for elderly people as the idea that has been established somewhere down in the general public for such a long time, gives a bad impression. Seniors consider dejection, abandonment, separation from the bloodline, and feel insecure, at whatever point they hear the term old-age home. Over the years, Adult Care Home Delhi has turned into a way for individuals who want independent, lavish life after retirement. Finding a retirement home that gives you respect and independence would be a piece troublesome as hardly any old age homes give adequate care to seniors that they deserve.

Our Features

Amazing Atmosphere

Even the reminiscence of nature would bring one’s mind to composure.

Assisted Living

An assisted living residence or assisted living facility is a housing facility for people.

Skilled Nursing

A nursing home is a facility for the residential care of elderly or disabled people.

Resident Care

The general care and support provided in a standard elderly care home.

Pharmacy Support

Pharmacist Support is an independent, trusted charity providing a variety...

24/7 Special Service

We are specializes in providing nurses since often nurses cover shifts 24/7.


We make a Difference in your lives

To efficiently look after your needs and make life hassle-free, we offer you a unique, industry leading, proactive service package called Golden Stick Comprehensive Benefit.

  • Spacious Location
  • Naturopathy
  • Housekeeping Facility
  • Gym & Salon
  • 24X7 Attendant
  • Physiotherapy
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Picnics Half Yearly
  • Monthly Movies/Outings
  • Festivals
  • Cultural Program
  • Laundry
  • Personal Transportation
  • Newspaper & Magazines

Make a way for better and more enjoyable life with Golden Stick

Breaking all the stereotypes and assumptions about old-age homes, we at Golden Stick, endeavor to have a positive change in older lives. Golden Stick, consistent with its name gives the best quality of senior living in India. Presently working Pan India, the Golden Stick, not many of the first extravagance old-age homes in Quite a while, offers remarkable residential homes. The vibe of our facilities would be satisfying and assist the elderly people to grow old with grace and enjoy every moment of life. Seniors will have a devoted staff who will deal with every one of their necessities, proactively. Here, seniors will have a valuable chance to meet individuals of their own likings and interests.

Once you enter the Golden Stick then only you will realize the benefits that knocking on your door with excellent service like:

Explore your new beginning at Golden Stick, we have a knowledge source in the form of a library where you will find a great collection of books. When you meet new people of your age, you will find friends where you will feel happy. We make sure that no senior at Golden Stick feel desolate or socially disconnected for their age. The daily meeting and interactions keep their brains dynamic and intuitive. We take fastidious consideration and follow specific boundaries that are medicinally endorsed and followed all nourishment-based food and make sure that senior citizens are getting adequate rest.

There are many activities we have at golden stick where everyone shares knowledge and celebrates togetherness. We have ample space at Golden Stick where senior citizens could take brisk walks around the facilities. We ensure that they have enough confidence to visit nearby parks for their morning and evening walking sessions. Golden Stick is the perfect Senior citizens Homes in Delhi where senior citizens have the opportunity to enjoy life on their own terms.

Our homes that are exclusively implied for the improved senior residing, have a possibility for senior residents who are searching for a short stay at retirement homes in Delhi. We understand the needs of senior citizens and provide the perfect environment where they can discover a greater sense of community living and its warmth. Contact us today for a better and more lavish lifetime after retirement!

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Our mission is to provide the best services for your life better

The Golden Stick offers a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to aging elders through a plush, secure and rejuvenating environment. Every aspect of Golden Stick has been designed for the comfort of our residents so that they lead a happy and content life.


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