Short Term Stay

Short Term Stay

Short Term Stay For Senior Citizens

Short-term stay is our most valuable amenity where seniors can stay within our facility for a fixed and short time. It happens that children have to go for some travel and they don’t want to live their elderly parents home alone, in that case, parents can stay within our facility for a fixed tenure postings. Many regular visitors we have because their children have been involved in frequent traveling. Then there are cases where seniors live sin overseas but visit their mither land occasionally need a safe place to stay. When it comes to safe places to stay nothing can beat Golden Stick.

Services available at our facility

Our facility provides a home environment for all individuals along with a home-like environment. Short-term stay can vary from 15 days - to 6 months, it all depends on the individual and the need of the staying facility. We have trained staff, providing great services to our facility members. We provide a fully furnished apartment with necessary furniture, furnishings. You can take the help of updated equipment in living units and in common areas. The cost of furniture, furnishings, and equipment are included in the cost and you need not pay anything extra. We have a qualified chef, who will take care of your food requirement and provide nutritious food as per your need.

When you come to this excellent place called Golden Stick then you will witness the beauty and people here very welcoming, warm, and helping that definitely make your visits worth. The food here is quite popular and many cuisines from different countries and cultures have been introduced so you might never feel left out. Golden Stick provides luxurious units and people who have visited always recommended us and shown their interest to visit again. Golden Stick has an urban look and people here enjoy every bit of it. You can book your stay with us and pay a visit to this incredible accommodation option.

24x7 Security to give you peace of mind

We have trained staff offering you 24x7 Support and also arrange medical health whenever required to monitor general health. As per the need, we can call up the medical team for health check-ups. We take care of the health records of all residents and manage them properly. We have contracts with the hospital for any emergency. Get the best Physiotherapy services with us. We provide 24x7 entertainment services with DTH TV Connection, Internet Connection, and provide newspapers for every unit. We have 24x7 Power Back-Up so that you will feel secure every moment.

The holiday in India might be one reason people visit Golden Stick but they get mesmerized with our amenities. Once you enter our facility you will get various recreation activities. If you want to taste authentic food then the golden stick is the right place for you. You visit the nearby places and lovely old markets. You can book short-term accommodation with Golden Stick, in case you want to spend less time. If you love the recreation activities and library then cairns are the right place for you.

About the Golden Stick

With efforts, we created a peaceful environment, a colorful world filled with many activities, with exposure to few but innovative objects, along with pleasant helping staff help you to feel secure. Our short-term stay facility is blessing seniors and their kids as well. Senior does not feel afraid of staying alone and their kids concentrate on their traveling because they know their parents are in safe hands.